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  • Nerf Battle - Back to school celebration

    To celebrate the beginning of the school year we are having a Nerf Wars End Of School PARTY! We hope that you will bring your kids to a fun night of NERF WARS while you have some quiet time to yourselves! We'll supply the Nerf guns, darts, and safety goggles. If your child has a Nerf gun they'd like to bring they may do so as long as their name is clearly marked on the gun. They may also bring their own safety goggles if you have them. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY DARTS. 2 slices of pizza will be provided to each participant. Please bring money for a drink from the soda machine. The cost for this event is $30 per participant ($35 per participant on the day of the event) Due to the popularity ....

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  • Arizona Black Belt Exam

    We have students that opt to take a black belt exam in sunny Arizona. The AZ exam is scheduled for September 21, 2019. If you would like to participate just ask your instructor how. ....

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  • Buddy week is August 9 thru 12

    Bring a buddy to karate class during YOUR regular scheduled class on this day (Beginners through Advanced Belts), and to help your buddy feel more comfortable since they don't have a uniform, YOU get to wear your favorite DOJO'S T-Shirt along with your karate pants and current belt and take their class with them! Your buddy can wear comfortable clothing that they can workout in. During the sparring portion of the class your buddy can learn some of their own skills by participating with those students who do not have sparring gear or doing sparring drills on the bags (they will not be sparring)! Please have your buddy bring a FULLY COMPLETED waiver to class, this is our insurance liability ....

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  • Back to School

    School is starting back and we have the perfect 6 week starter class to get you started in karate for the back to school time. ....

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  • 12th Annual Dojo's Family Picnic

    We are so excited to continue to offer the families of Dojos Family Martial Arts the biggest pot luck family picnic in the state of Iowa for the twelfth year. Thank you to all our students and families for making the Dojo such a great place to be. ....

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  • Classes now forming just in time for back to school.

    Classes now forming just in time for back to school. Classes now forming for the following classes in Ankeny, Johnston and West Des Moines. Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7 Ages 8-9 Ages 10-12 Ages 13-17 Ages 18+ Enroll online or call the location nearest you to get started. Be on a quest to be your best. ....

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  • Great karate T-shirt designs

    Dojo’s Family Martial Arts T-shirts are available at the Ankeny, Johnston and West Des Moines Locations. See a friendly staff member to get your t-shirt today. ....

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  • Martial arts weapons now on sale.

    Sale item of the month is all martial arts weapons in stock. Add to your collection. Practice weapons also make a great gift for the martial artist in your family. Sale good for the month of July 2019. ....

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  • What is the Black Belt Club?

    Dojo’s Family Martial Arts offers a unique training program called BBC. It stands for Black Belt Club. The Black belt Club meets monthly to learn how to use the weapons of American Kenpo Karate. See a friendly staff member to get more information about BBC. ....

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