The next couple weeks are considered the final countdown for 2016. The final days of training and celebrating another great year that’s been filled with Victories.


There is a success ritual called “Bookends of Success.”


It refers to the way you start and end a given period of time. It could be the rituals and habits you develop to start and end each day. The primary belief is this: what you do to start and end each day, has a huge influence with everything that happens in between.


Starting your day in a positive way, with a focused plan of action, is likely to lead to a better outcome than getting up late with no plan.


Ending your day with some positive reflection and review, is likely to lead to a great nights sleep and will allow you to wake up fresh and ready for another great day ahead.


It could also refer to longer periods of time, such as each week, each month or even each year.


Applying this philosophy to FINAL COUNTDOWN for the year…


Think of these final days and weeks of the year as one of your bookends. The way you end your year has huge influence over the way you start your New Year.


If you end it with aggressive partying, poor sleep, over eating and/or excessive spending, it will probably have a negative impact on the way you start the New Year. It can also lead to reactive and shallow New Years resolutions that will never be kept.


However, if you end it with positive reflection, review and controlled celebration, you’re for more likely to enter your New Year refreshed, recharged and ready for QUANTUM LEAP 2017.


It’s your choice either way, enjoy the FINAL COUNTDOWN to this fantastic year and be sure to finish your Victory & Gratitude List.


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