How to Improve your "Q.T." Quick Take Off!

How to Improve your "Q.T." Quick Take Off!

How to Improve your "Q.T." Quick Take Off!


If you were in a would you want to start it? 

More would you like to finish it? 

Have you ever watched the Kentucky Derby? 

How do those beautiful creatures come out of the gate?

How do you develop Q.T. -Quick Take Off?


* Try getting up a little earlier and get started faster.


* Plan your day the night before and wake up with Focus and Energy.


* Give yourself Sub-Deadlines. Goals for the 15th/20th/25th, etc...


It's a mindset you need to develop if you want to out-do last years performance. When you hit last years averages sooner, you're likely to raise the bar on your performance results.


Author Gary Ryan Blair says: "If you start fast each day and finish strong,

you can't help but get better results and accomplish more each day!"


Completely true and logical statement, if you can get emotional about

some of these simple truths, you'll achieve even greater success in your business, finances and life.


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