“Tap-Tap ,Guard-Up!”

“Tap-Tap ,Guard-Up!”

“Tap-Tap ,Guard-Up!”


To be able to defend yourself against a violent assault or a physical threat, Black Belt Champions learn to keep their “GUARD-UP!”


Boxing coaches, Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing or MMA…all train their fighters to keep their “GUARD-UP.” In class, you’ll hear your instructors say…”Tap-Tap,GUARD-UP!” This is to remind and to reinforce the importance of this simple but vital skill set.


Our reminder to you and anyone else who will listen is to keep your ‘GUARD-UP” against negativity in all forms. It could be a friend that always shares a dark view of the world or a co-worker that complains daily.


It may also be protecting yourself from the negative news of the day. Television and newspapers tend to promote the worst that can happen in your community or the world. It could also be protecting yourself and your loved ones from violence of video games or certain shows on television.


Keeping your “Guard-up” is more than just physical defense, it’s also verbal, visual or anything else that can be damaging to you and your loved ones.


Nowadays, there is always the risk of internet predators or the dangers of criminals that prey on the niceness of good people. Without becoming paranoid, it’s important to be aware and ready to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Would you rather be trained or untrained? Would you rather be prepared or unprepared? Would you rather see that your kids are trained or untrained? Prepared or unprepared?


“TAP-TAP, GUARD-UP” is a powerful anchor in class and a vital skill of Self-Defense in life.

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