Power of Great People Skills

Power of Great People Skills

Power of Great People Skills


Score a “10” in your Black Belt Attitude...

Q.T. refers to Quick Take Off, also known as hustle in the muscle. When you

are getting the targets or your safety equipment, you do it quickly. When you

are asked to get with a partner, you do it quickly and efficiently.


Imagine the opposite. When your instructor asks you to get with a partner, you

and your classmates move at a leisurely pace. It would slow everything down,

including the energy and pace of the class.


Positive response is a simple acknowledgement to your instructor’s request.

“Yes sir/Yes Ma’am” is one way. It keeps the energy, respect and attentiveness of the classroom at a peak level.


The combination of Q.T. and Positive Response has proven to heighten the energy and learning experience. It adds to the structure and the overall focus of a class. A well disciplined class with a positive, respectful atmosphere breeds a strong spirit of learning and eagerness. That’s what we call “Black Belt Spirit!” Simple and also very easy.


Positive Response and Q.T will make you stand out in the crowd as unique and different in a very good way. Always showing Black Belt Attitude is about being polite and well mannered toward others.


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