Attitude Drives Actions – Actions Drives Results!

 Attitude Drives Actions – Actions Drives Results!

 Attitude Drives Actions – Actions Drives Results!

Great Attitude=>Great Actions=>Great Results=>Great Rewards


If you want to lead a great life, you have to take great actions. The best way to prepare yourself to take great actions is to condition your mindset and develop a great attitude. Say “YES” everyday to prepare for Victory!


Imagine when you prepared for class, you said “YES” with an eager and enthusiastic attitude. Every time you entered the dojo, you said “YES” I love my Martial Arts. You would soon develop a habit that would lead you to becoming a highly conditioned Black Belt Champion.


           Habits we Train are Habits we Gain!


Anything you do repeatedly becomes habit. Good or bad.


Black Belt Champions know that they must train their brain everyday. This is why you must condition your attitude everyday for making it a great day.


“If you improve the way you look at things…the things you look at will also improve!


Think how much better you would be at everything you do, if you had a great attitude toward people, life and learning. If you practice being more respectful, you become more respected. If you practice looking for the good in others, you begin to attract more of what you are looking for. When you practice smiling more, you will see more people smiling back.


Here are some Black Belt Attitude Tips for daily development of your positive attitude in and out of the dojo:


  • Wake up everyday and say “YES” today is a great day!


  • Be the first to offer praise and compliment.


  • Always look for the good in yourself and others.


  • Think of what you DO want in life, not what you DON’T !


  • Always be happy and grateful for what you DO have.


  • Never unhappy and ungrateful with what you DON’T have.

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