Studies on human potential show that most people are performing at a fraction of their true potential. If this is accurate, it means that we all have a tremendous opportunity to improve ourselves and enjoy even greater levels of success and achievement.


Champions always strive to improve their skills and abilities, along with increasing their overall fitness.


If you set a goal to improve your flexibility, there are many ways you can make this happen. You can perform stretching exercises before and after each class. You could do ten minutes of stretching every morning.


The key is to learn to maximize the time and effort you are currently

dedicating to each areas you wish to improve. Once you’ve committed mentally that you can and will give more energy and effort, you must take immediate action to increase the return on your investment.


Learning to better maximize your training at the dojo, will have a very positive impact on everything you do outside of the dojo as well.


What are some ways you can better maximize your time?


How can you get results with one of your most valuable resources?


Let’s say you are going to do a 20-30 minute cardio workout, you might aim to reach for higher peaks in your heart rate, maybe you’ll also hold this higher rate for a longer time period. You may also decide that you are going to listen to an inspirational tape course while your doing your cardio training. This would give you greater mental motivation while you are reaching higher levels of physical performance.


Start applying the MAXIMIZE principle to everything you do and enjoy the benefit of positive growth and improvement.


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