Magnify the Positives, Shrink the Negatives

Magnify the Positives, Shrink the Negatives

Magnify the Positives, Shrink the Negatives


Everyday we all deal with positive things and positive

people, as well as negative things and negative people.


What we focus on, is a choice we all have to make.

Some people magnify the negatives and get stressed out by their

problems and challenges. If you allow this to happen, you will

soon begin to attract more negatives.


It will seem as if you have a black cloud over your head.

Whenever you magnify the negatives in your life, you’ll also

be shrinking the positives. You will become blind to the good

stuff, simply because you are focusing on all the bad stuff!


Or, you can choose to magnify the positives and feed your spirit

with optimism and an energy force that attract more of the good

stuff. It’s a choice we all get to make everyday.


Have you ever noticed how lucky some people are?

”The harder you work, the luckier you will become!”


There are many examples that prove there is a lot of truth

to that statement. People that work hard know what they

want and are focused on achieving pre-determined goals and

objectives. They are focused on what they want in their lives.

They soon begin to attract the people and opportunities that also

attracts the luck they need to become successful achievers.


A good exercise to improve on this area, is simply to try for one

week to focus only on the positives in your life. Positive people,

positive events, activities and actions. Practice makes perfect!

Magnify the Positives - Shrink the Negatives!


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