Champions train hard!

Champions train hard!


Champions Train Hard…Champions Train Smart!

When you train hard, you release natural endorphins that allow you to feel better and think clearer. It also rids your mind and body of stress that causes tension and can have negative impact.

When Champions train hard, they develop the habit of giving their best effort and taking daily action toward their goals.

Champions always aim for positive progress and continually take baby steps forward, eventually leading toward bigger gains.

Train for Gain by allowing enough time to warm-up and get focused on your training. Once warmed up, get into the game, play all out and pay close attention to your form and detail.

Train for Gain by understanding the concept of progress vs. perfection. Before you ever become great at anything, you must be willing to start the learning process. Part of this process is making mistakes, correcting them and practicing over and over.

Train for Gain is understanding the ratchet effect. This is when we take three steps forward and sometimes take two steps back.

Train for Gain by listening to your instructors and coaches. Be coach-able, be curious and eager to learn and improve yourself. Most important, keep your goals clearly in mind, and train hard.


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