40 Pounds Lighter

I was 23 years old, 6'2" tall, weighed in at a very out of shape 220 pounds, and had been smoking for upwards of 12 years.

With each class, I was losing weight and improving my health. If the classes got tough, I just remembered that I was reversing the damage I had done to my health with food and cigarettes. Most of the time, I was too busy having fun to realize that I was working hard. As my clothing started fitting more and more loosely, I noticed myself getting less and less winded. This only made me work harder, anxious to continue what quickly became very noticeable progress.

When I signed up for karate, I knew I would eventually get in shape. I knew I would lose weight. I knew I would come out the other side with more tools with which to defend myself. Most importantly, I knew it was going to be a gradual process. What I didn't know was that the discipline karate teaches would help me make this new lifestyle change permanent. Not wanting to sabotage my progress, I started eating healthier (and actually enjoyed it!). My confidence and self-esteem were being exercised just as much as my body. I even felt better equipped to handle the stresses encountered in day-to-day life.

I am now 40 pounds lighter and 100% more healthy. The experience and rewards for me have been priceless. I look forward to every challenge now.

-Dayton H. Mesa, AZ

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