Nerf Battle - Back to school celebration

To celebrate the beginning of the school year we are having a Nerf Wars End Of School PARTY! We hope that you will bring your kids to a fun night of NERF WARS while you have some quiet time to yourselves! We'll supply the Nerf guns, darts, and safety goggles. If your child has a Nerf gun they'd like to bring they may do so as long as their name is clearly marked on the gun. They may also bring their own safety goggles if you have them. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY DARTS. 2 slices of pizza will be provided to each participant. Please bring money for a drink from the soda machine. The cost for this event is $30 per participant ($35 per participant on the day of the event) Due to the popularity of this event, it will be for Dojo's students only with a 40 participant maximum. There is the possibility that the event may be able to be opened to non-Dojo's students, that will be determined the week of the event. All students MUST be in either their FULL KARATE UNIFORM, or their karate gi pants and a Dojo's t-shirt. Online registration available for ANKENY DOJO'S STUDENTS & THEIR BUDDY'S ONLY by clicking here:

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