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  • Great karate T-shirt designs

    Dojo’s Family Martial Arts T-shirts are available at the Ankeny, Johnston and West Des Moines Locations. See a friendly staff member to get your t-shirt today. ....

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  • Martial arts weapons now on sale.

    Sale item of the month is all martial arts weapons in stock. Add to your collection. Practice weapons also make a great gift for the martial artist in your family. Sale good for the month of July 2019. ....

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  • What is the Black Belt Club?

    Dojo’s Family Martial Arts offers a unique training program called BBC. It stands for Black Belt Club. The Black belt Club meets monthly to learn how to use the weapons of American Kenpo Karate. See a friendly staff member to get more information about BBC. ....

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  • July summer karate program

    This July summer karate program will consist of 5 weeks of classes, 2 times a week. The participant will learn a series of martial arts movements as well as character & physical skills. Each class is 45 minutes long on Monday and Wednesday beginning at 10:30am. At the end of the program each participant will test for a stripe on their belt, bringing them one step closer to black belt! The cost of this July summer program is $79.99* per participant now through May 31st. The cost will increase to $99.99* per participant June 1st through June 30th. On July 1st the cost is $129*. *A Dojo's karate uniform is required to be worn by all participants and may be purchased by students enrolled ....

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  • Its Buddy Week.

    Bring a buddy to karate class during YOUR regular scheduled class. Your buddy can wear comfortable clothing that they can workout in. Please have your buddy bring a FULLY COMPLETED waiver to class, this is our insurance liability waiver and does need completed fully and SIGNED BY THE PARTICIPANTS PARENT OR GUARDIAN. You can get a waiver from the front desk or you can copy/paste this link into your browser: ....

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  • Training Incentive Program

    TIP testing( Training Incentive Program ) is a "checkpoint" in your training. It gives the Instructor a chance to see how well you are learning the material being taught. After you test, the instructor will make comments on what areas you need to improve on before you are ready for your next belt exam. Take note of these comments and take action to continue making progress. Students earn a stripe on their belt for successfully passing their TIP Testing. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ....

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  • Sparring Gear on Sale.

    Sale item of the month is (in stock) sparring gear. This is a great time to replace protective gear that has been torn or damaged. Out the safety and respect of your training partners please make sure your gear is in good working condition. Be on a quest to be your best. ....

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  • Now even more classes being offered.

    We have added even more classes to our schedule. The new schedule is working great. The students now have more time to focus on good form and good power in their movements. Confidence is created when these skills are strong. Keep up the good work. ....

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  • Congratulations to our new black belts.

    Recently we hosted the April 2019 black belt graduation at Stilwell middle school in West Des Moines. We had over 30 black belts performing on stage doing weapons, forms, breaking and more. If you have not yet been to one of black belt graduations then I encourage you to check the online calendar for dates. These only happen twice per year and really worth seeing. ....

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  • Great Belt Exams April 2019

    Congratulations to all the karate students of Dojos Ankeny, Johnston and West Des Moines who earned their new belts. We had a great belt exam on April 27, 2019. Every cycle we focus on one of our champion character skills. This cycle the skill is Open Mindedness
    . Parents I encourage you to visit the link on the back of your orange Dojo events flyer for some great parenting information and a link to the student worksheet. Being open minded is a necessary skill of a leader because it means you have the ability to consider other peoples ideas along with your own. Starting as of right now you can go to the skills page on our website and print the “skill of the cycle ....

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