Dojos Family Martial Arts Reviews

Dojos Family Martial Arts Colette C.

Wonderful instructors! They are fantastic at helping kiddos with behavioral/special needs.  Nigel has shown such improvement in self-esteem, discipline, and at school since starting at Dojo's. They also have nicer facilities/equipment and better teachers than other area programs, and MUCH more one on one support. Everyone at Dojo's KNOWS and CARES about your kiddo.  Also - their birthday parties are **INCREDIBLE**!!! :)

Colette C.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Leah B.

Dojo's has helped my son to not only grow in his physical abilities, but seeing his confidence grow has been amazing. The people here are SO wonderful with the kids. I love the attention they put on respect, family, mental focus and confidence. Thank you Dojo's!

Leah B.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Katie

Our son recently started and a couple weeks later he says please and thank you much more consistently. Even more recently he's gotten very interested in working out!  This place teaches so much more than karate.  We are HIGHLY impressed.


Dojos Family Martial Arts Sharleen A.

These folks are AMAZING! Absolutely love watching the coaches interact with the students. Builds not only strong bodies but minds, & character building too. Dojo's Family Martial Arts "You Rock"!

Sharleen A.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Tricia F.

These instructors truly care about their students! My boys have grown so much since they began their martial arts journey.  I highly recommend Dojos for a fun and physical extracurricular activity!

Tricia F.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Stephenie S.

I highly recommend DoJo's to anyone wanting to have their child take Karate classes or take classes themselves. The teachers are amazing and are excellent with children of all ages my daughter loves coming here.

Stephenie S.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Evan E.

My name is Evan, and I'm a second grade black belt at Dojo's. I have been doing karate for 5 years, and I'll say its 5 years well spent. The instructors are phenomenal, and the environment is like no other. I have met a lot of good friends here, and look forward to coming every day.

Evan E.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Jenni H.

DoJos not only teaches their students the art and physical fitness, it builds character. The staff takes a genuine interest in your child as a whole person. They model respect, responsibility, courtesy and perseverance.

Jenni H.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Jennifer B.

I love how positively the coaches interact with the students. This place is great!

Jennifer B.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Brandi S.

My daughter has learned leadership skills, work ethic, goal setting, how to struggle and overcome and the value of perseverance. I highly recommend Dojos!

Brandi S.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Sarah

Everyone is so kind and welcoming! My daughter just started and has been so excited for her classes!


Dojos Family Martial Arts Jeremy S.

My son has been a student for 3 years and I've watched his confidence and fitness grow steadily. 

The kids classes focus on building character, setting goals, self-discipline. Activities promote fitness, focus and confidence while teaching self-defense and bully-proofing. 

The instructors always stay positive, and encouraging; excellent role-models. 

Jeremy S.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Rickie M.

Kids first, teach life lessons and the importance of fitness!

Rickie M.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Kim G.

Great place, very friendly, lots to learn :D

Kim G.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Don M.

Dojo's is a great place for my son to learn the do's and don't of self defense. The instructors are highly respected and have tons of knowledge to pass on. Highly recommend for the young and older.

Don M.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Lorilei B.

5 Stars

Our son absolutely loves his karate club classes. His instructor is amazing with kids and is able to motivate and teach in a way that guarantees excitement and interest. I love that he is learning self-discipline, respect and self-confidence.

Lorilei B.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Carrie M.

My son is 4 and started Karate there in December. He absolutely loves it! He is always counting down the days until the next time he has karate. He is becoming more independent, has better self-control and confidence in himself. In just the few shorts months we have been there he has excelled and grown so much! Overall, he loves the program and especially loves his coach Mr. Myers. He says Mr. Myers is one of his best friends! Keep up the good work!

Carrie M.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Amber B.

We just recently started my 2 sons at Dojo’s. From the beginning, they were welcomed in wholeheartedly with staff calling them by name immediately. They look forward to all their karate classes & the extras like movie night & the family picnic coming up as well. We just moved to the area from out of state & it’s so nice to see them making new friends already. The instructors are always so helpful & full of energy, tailoring the classes to the appropriate level for their age. They make sure to not only teach them martial arts, but life lessons as well. We started them in karate to not only learn self defense & be active, but also to help aid in learning focus, determination, & respect. We can tell that we picked the right place to help us meet these goals!

Amber B.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Leslie H.

My son absolutely loves the dojo. The instructors are always positive, encouraging, and patient, and they are helping him build life skills more than any other sport he's been in. Thank you guys for caring so much about your students!

Leslie H.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Rachel B.

We had the pleasure of doing a Birthday Party at Dojo’s. My son loved it so much we signed him up. Dojo’s and Sensei Myers have taught my son karate, self respect, discipline, and so much more.

Rachel B.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Brandie A.

My son has a hard time concentrating on anything we put him in....but he loves this place they are amazing energetic people, I'm glad we found them.

Brandie A.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Angela L.

Dojos has been a huge part of our childrens' lives. My twin boys started Dojos karate when they were 6 years old. We never realized what an impact it would have on them. Dojos has helped them build self-esteem, confidence, courage, establish new friendships, and trust in the amazing instructors. They really focus on our core values of honesty, integrity, courtesy, perseverance, and what it means to really accomplish something. They are taught to overcome defeat/failure, how to keep going and never give up. My boys have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and without Dojos, they wouldn't be as successful with their school learning, ability to focus, and really pay attention to what's being taught in every aspect of their life. When we started with Dojos, we had the attitude of "We are never going to quit and we are in this for the long haul". And, telling that to my boys in the first couple of years, they've never wanted to give it up. My boys are almost 12 now and are brown belts and working towards being part of the black belt club. It's been a struggle for them to do their pull-ups and break boards, but we keep on going! Dojos has not given up on them and have taught them so much over the years. We appreciate the 3 times a week that we know our boys are getting a great workout to keep them fit and all the healthy eating tips we receive from your program. We love meeting other parents and families and hearing their stories. We love the annual picnic where we all get together at the end of August and we continue to laugh and learn about one another. Thank you Master Wilbur and Tami Chestnut for all you do!! And, thank you to all the other instructors that make my boys laugh, sweat, cry, and succeed!

Angela L.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Roland B.

Love taking my boy to classes here. Great for building his confidence and self discipline.

Roland B.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Stephanie S.

I would recommend DOJO to anyone who has children or any Adult interested in Martial Arts they have an amazing staff that works at not only teaching your child martial arts but respect to others as well. This is a great Studio I can't say that enough.

Stephanie S.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Lindsey M.

My son has been a member of Dojos Family Martial Arts for over a year now and in that time has flourished physically, mentally and socially. I cannot say enough good things about this place, the instructors are amazing and are genuinely passionate about what they do and the owner(s) are very involved as well!

Lindsey M.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Steve G.

Apart from teaching them karate, self-defense, and general physical fitness, Dojos also teaches kids to be the best they can in every aspect of their life, e.g. to have self confidence, to persevere, to value education, to have good values, and to be kind. The instructors and staff are awesome with kids and are a great inspiration and excellent role models!

Steve G.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Erika R.

Dojo's is full of amazing and inspiring people, who provide challenges and encouragement in equal portions. I am in my 30's, and have been a student for about 1.5 years and never regretted it. (Well, maybe the day after a belt exam when every muscle hurts, but still worth it!) I highly recommend martial arts for both kids and adults as a way to improve oneself.

Erika R.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Megan P.

Luka started at Dojos 6 months ago and he’s been in several sports and activities and none compare to Dojos. He’s working so hard on doing the best he can not just at karate but as a person. He holds the door open for everyone and absolutely loves this program.

Megan P.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Jessica M.

My daughter just started at Dojo's in June and she loves it! She can't wait to go every week! They have convenient close times and options for attending classes and are good at reminding parents about upcoming events.

Jessica M.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Suzanne P.

I am so thankful that my son is involved with this program! I love how they teach these kids in such a positive manner. My son's self-esteem has gone up immensely and just a few short weeks of starting with Dojos, and everyone that knows him has seen a big difference.

Suzanne P.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Leah B.

Dojo's has helped my son to not only grow in his physical abilities, but seeing his confidence grow has been amazing. The people here are SO wonderful with the kids. I love the attention they put on respect, family, mental focus and confidence. Thank you Dojo's!

Leah B.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Jennifer T.

Dojo's Family Martial Arts is a great place for kids and adults to learn self discipline and get a great workout. My 12 year old son has learned the value of hard work, discipline, and overcoming challenges in a supportive, caring environment through Dojo's. The staff are amazing people!

Jennifer T.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Lisa L.

We love the character skills and discipline taught during the classes. I've seen a big change in my son's confidence thanks to the encouragement and guidance of these amazing teachers!

Lisa L.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Fred D.

I've been visiting this school for the past 10 years (since they opened) and I have to say with each year they keep improving the talent of the students.

Fred D.

Dojos Family Martial Arts John T.

Dojos did a great job for my daughters 10th Birthday. She also has been taking karate there for a year and loves it.

John T.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Jan W.

I enjoy watching my two boys advance in their training. If I weren't limited to a wheelchair, I would be joining as well.

Jan W.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Twyla M.

I pay for my two grandchildren and it has helped them both so much. Thanks DOJO'S I recommend you to my friends for their kids or grandkids.

Twyla M.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Sarah G.

My daughter has been having so much fun! Everyone is so kind and encouraging!

Sarah G.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Angie O.

It is a fun atmosphere with lots of positive energy. My son has learned so much and it's been great watching him evolve!

Angie O.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Kimberlee T.

Great place to learn and very loving people. Family atmosphere! 

Kimberlee T.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Betty R.

Great environment! Classes are fun, and the instructors are invested in their students. The program teaches kids respect and self-control, which carries over into school, home and social situations. Excellent leadership program.

Betty R.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Paul J.

It's ALL GOOD! It's one of the best things my family has done together.

Paul J.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Isabelle T.

Cool people, cool environment, good fun! You won't regret it!

Isabelle T.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Gretchen V.

I agree, it's a great family activity that teaches strength and perseverance!

Gretchen V.

Dojos Family Martial Arts Brandi S.

My daughter has such discipline and confidence based on their teachings. Black belt bound!

Brandi S.

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