1810 SW Whitebirch Cir. #100, Ankeny, Iowa 50023
M-F 3pm-9pm



8805 Chamberry Blvd. Johnston, Iowa 50131
M-F 3pm-9pm



1960 Grand Ave #17, West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
M-F 3pm-9pm



120 SE Laurel St., Waukee, Iowa 50263
M-F 3pm-9pm


Been here just a few weeks, the reception and professionalism has been great. Looking forward to a meaningful, productive and prolonged training for my son.

Sym S.V.

Fantastic teachers who are very encouraging. My girls 8 and 4 both love it here.

Laura Castelline

Over the years, I have watched my son grow and learn so very much - not just how to perform karate moves, but persistence, confidence, performance, camaraderie and courtesy. The journey hasn't been easy, but it has been rewarding. Definitely a very positive experience.

Deb K.

All of the instructors are top notch. They are excellent role models, both in and outside the classroom. They learn every student’s name immediately, and it is a very friendly, yet disciplined atmosphere. Kids learn not just karate, but life skills they can take with them. We absolutely love Dojo’s

Stacey Rogers

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Ages 4-5

Build Leadership Skills With Our Beginner Kids Karate Classes!

Ready for an ENERGY-PACKED Kids Karate program with age-applicable martial art and self defense training?

Have your kids enjoy a dynamic combination of Kenpo Karate, Self Defense techniques and Character Building lessons to gain the skills and confidence to protect themselves, plus a healthy mindset to overcome any challenges life throws at them.

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Ages 6-7

Accelerate Your Child's Physical and Mental Development With Kids Karate!

Get your child one step ahead in all aspects through our Kids Karate program! We help kids sharpen the skills they have learned and develop them even further! With the guidance of our hands-on instructors, your child will be on the path to lifelong success, health, and happiness!

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Ages 8-9

Encouraging and Accelerated Programs With Our Kids Karate Classes

Have your kids overcome peer pressures at school and negativity! Steer your child away from negativity by offering a program that is full of encouragement and positive reinforcement!

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Ages 10-11

Maximize Your Physical And Mental Skills With Our Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes

Ready for a COMPLETE system that maximizes the physical and mental skills of self-defense and Martial Arts? We provide a one-of-a-kind high-endurance, Martial Arts program that places equal emphasis on the use of hands and feet.

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Ages 12-17

Prepare Your Child For Their Teenage Years: Accelerate Their Skills & Knowledge!

Our Kids Karate (12+) program paves the way for students as they enter into their teenage years. Through karate, they will discover how to deal with bullies non-violently, detect bullying and prevent it, and practice self-control. Karate is not about aggression but being able to strategize and make wise choices! Join us today and we will help your students accelerate their awareness of the important values in life.

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Fitness With A Purpose!

Our adult program will keep you moving and feeling great. Out purpose-built adult martial arts curricculum is a rewarding workout that pushes you to your limits while you enjoy the process. Learning self defense and hitting the targets leaves an empowering feeling and great stress relief for adults.

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