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Dojos Family Martial Arts

Our goal is to teach respect, courtesy, self-discipline, and kindness so we can make a positive impact in our community. We believe that family values are important in the success of children at school and adults in the workplace. We use the martial arts to teach these valuable character qualities.

Kids: Our motivating teaching style has allowed us to impact thousands of children in a positive way giving them the excitement and confidence they need to achieve goals.

Teens: Our teen program has given teenagers the skills necessary to become focused and respectful individuals. These skills help teenagers to transition from High school to College or the workplace and become leaders within their peer groups.

Adults: Physical fitness, stress relief, and flexibility. Adults get these benefits and much more training in the martial arts.

We are a very community oriented karate school and have a very positive, non-violent approach to what we teach. We feel the best way to create a great community is one person at a time.

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1 Week of Karate Classes

  • 1 Week with a Certified Instructor
  • One Per Customer
$ 24.95 / 1 Week

Wonderful instructors! They are fantastic at helping kiddos with behavioral/special needs.  Nigel has shown such improvement in self-esteem, discipline, and at school since starting at Dojo's. They also have nicer facilities/equipment and better teachers than other area programs, and MUCH more one on one support. Everyone at Dojo's KNOWS and CARES about your kiddo.  Also - their birthday parties are **INCREDIBLE**!!! :)

Kids Karate near Kids Karate

Colette C.

Dojo's has helped my son to not only grow in his physical abilities, but seeing his confidence grow has been amazing. The people here are SO wonderful with the kids. I love the attention they put on respect, family, mental focus and confidence. Thank you Dojo's!

Kids Karate near Kids Karate

Leah B.

Our son recently started and a couple weeks later he says please and thank you much more consistently. Even more recently he's gotten very interested in working out!  This place teaches so much more than karate.  We are HIGHLY impressed.

Kids Karate near Kids Karate


These folks are AMAZING! Absolutely love watching the coaches interact with the students. Builds not only strong bodies but minds, & character building too. Dojo's Family Martial Arts "You Rock"!

Kids Karate near Kids Karate

Sharleen A.

These instructors truly care about their students! My boys have grown so much since they began their martial arts journey.  I highly recommend Dojos for a fun and physical extracurricular activity!

Kids Karate near Kids Karate

Tricia F.

I highly recommend DoJo's to anyone wanting to have their child take Karate classes or take classes themselves. The teachers are amazing and are excellent with children of all ages my daughter loves coming here.

Kids Karate near Kids Karate

Stephenie S.

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